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Empowering people to live creatively.

"I had this idea to use art making to help people find balance and wellness after using it to help trafficking survivors find a healthy distraction and way to express themselves creatively. I knew it would help them because art has literally saved my own life, in many ways, many times."
Ashley Daramola, CEO of ArtzyBella

Employee Wellness / Corporate Team Building

We host private, virtual wellness experiences for groups looking for an interactive resource using artmaking for any remote work setting.

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Meet our founder.

Ashley is an Atlanta native passionate about using art to help people heal by leveraging her obsession with technology and virtual learning. Ashley started ArtzyBella and new career as a professional fine artist with her last $50 after being inspired by a group of survivors that she introduced to using art as therapy for a healthy distraction and easily accessible tool for expression and relief.

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Easily and affordably increasing happiness and wellness while people discover their inner artist. ​