Ashley Bella Discusses GSU ENI’s new Seed Fund on Business Radio X

Ashley Bella Discusses GSU ENI’s new Seed Fund on Business Radio X

Ashley Bella Daramola was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Ashley got her first job at 14 and has been working ever since. “At 17, people around me told me college was too expensive and that art and theatre were pointless career options, so I went to college, got confused, dropped out, and went back to work.”

In Ashley’s mid-20’s, she developed a passion for working with children, teen girls, and women whose life struggles paralleled her own, especially those that had experienced trauma or who had difficulty understanding their self-worth. In 2016, Ashley quit her job and became an artist full-time using her last $50. “well, I originally
started ArtzyBella to have a studio to do art therapy in and to fund my personal art career that I hope includes global exhibitions.”

Ashley uses ArtzyBella to create jobs and contribute to the economic development of communities in South Metro Atlanta. “Now I get to give back to the young talented artists in south metro Atlanta and create the opportunities I didn’t get to have” says Ashley.

Ashley wants to help the world learn the power that art has to be a healing tool, and a driver of economic development and an important industry in america’s economy.
Ashley has completed over 40 commissions in three years including 15 murals, 7 canvas portraits and 2 installations. Ashley just opened her second art studio and completed her first solo exhibition.

Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn and follow ArtzyBella on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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