“A place where art fuses with learning, healing, and public service.”
Art Social House teaches creative skills and easy art making to K-12 students, young artists, public service workers, and sex trafficking survivors through virtual/mobile apprentice program, tutorial videos, and DIY clips.
We want to help young artists, especially minority students and students in low-socio-economic communities. learn how to get into art and design and learn that they can have a lucrative career as a creative/artist. When Ashley Nicole was a kid, her schools always had budget cuts, and the arts were always the first things to go. Entire art departments were eliminated and artistic kids had no outlet to explore their talents, learn about the global arts community, or perfect their crafts. Parents often discouraged careers in the arts due to them also not knowing all of the career opportunities available to creatives.
Ashley Nicole is also a long time advocate in the sex trafficking issue and saw first hand how reducing a survivors’ economic hardship helps her to not go back to dangerous and unhealthy environments like prostitution and unsafe men. She also saw how art making helped her to de-stress from a very chaotic and emotionally draining field of work, and how it allowed the kids and women she helped, to de-stress and process their trauma as well.
Art Social House makes up half of the content of our DIY channel. Videos here are not just for public service workers like teachers and counselors, or just for kids and young artists, but are also intended to help people in general learn to be creative and use art for therapeutic reasons to relieve stress, promote creative problem solving, and add beauty to their home and office environments.