Safe, easy, inner work using art.

ArtzyBella offers virtual paint parties and online art classes as a fun way to connect or have a relaxing outlet. We want to inspire you to use art-making and creative expression as a daily practice to reduce the escalation of mental health issues.

Creatively helping you achieve happiness from the comfort of your home.

Our new online platform will offer virtual art instruction, designed to enhance personal wellness. Imagine if an art instructor passionate about your happiness and wellbeing, could use clinical research to guide you to turn inward and explore or face things buried deep down like low self-esteem, grief, even tackle relevant issues like social injustice and COVID.

Healthcare + Public Service + Corporate Wellness Advocates

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Art is a very powerful therapeutic tool for children and adults. It is an evidence-based practice that utilizes artistic mediums and art techniques to compliment and innovate traditional therapy modalities. We are committed to insuring our instructors are state/federally licensed in Clinical Art Therapy and Expressive Therapies to maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards. 

We do not claim to solve mental health or emotional health issues with the use of our products and services. We do not do the actual therapeutic work for the mental illness or trauma that the child or adult may be experiencing. We reserve that for the licensed professionals working with the client.