How We Use Art Therapy


Art is a very powerful therapeutic tool for children and adults. It is an evidence-based practice that utilizes artistic mediums and art techniques to compliment and innovate traditional therapy modalities. Because the ArtzyBella team does not have a licensed and board registered art therapist on staff, it is important to note that our products and services are only inspired by our knowledge and research on therapeutic art. 
We do not claim to solve mental health or emotional health issues with the use of our products and services. We do not do the actual therapeutic work for the mental illness or trauma that the child or adult may be experiencing. We reserve that for the licensed professionals working with the client.

Art as a Beautiful Tool


Custom artwork made for homes, offices, interiors, exteriors, and events. Our team of visual artists cover a variety of disciplines and are trained to use authentic original art making processes and therapeutic art techniques to create visually stimulating custom pieces for clients.


We offer art/craft making classes and Sip + Paint parties that introduce our customers to the idea of using art as a tool for self-care and developing creative coping skills

PRODUCT LINE (Coming January 2020)​

With the help up Georgia State’s Main Street Entrepreneurship Seed Fund, we are developing a product line for professional artists and people who love art that addresses mental health and emotional concerns.