Meet Ashley Bella

Ashley Bella is a Visual Media Maven, Artistic Entrepreneur and Community Figure dedicated to making Fine & Commercial Art accessible, affordable and applicable as a tool for bettering mental and emotional health.

She spent over a decade dedicated to driving social change through Mental Health Services, Social Work and Community Involvement. Ashley embodied the spirit of activism, advocacy and leadership in every work-related initiative. Over time she realized that her skills used to better the lives of others, were actually fueled by her love of making things beautiful. Although the 9-5 work was somewhat fulfilling, her true passion and educational background in art was dormant and not being used to its full potential.

In 2016, Ashley quit her corporate job as an Advocate for the Anti-Sex Trafficking Movement in Atlanta. She immediately downsized everything and made the sacrifice to live out of the trunk of her car so that she could pour 100% of her resources and time into making her art, her life. Ashley believes the lessons in these humble beginnings in her entrepreneurial journey created the fuel that has gotten her and her team through COVID.

From painting murals, to opening an art-studio turned event-space in her hometown, to running a startup funded 100% by her artwork and grants from incubator programs – Ashley is now advocating that art and creative careers can be monetized purposefully.

Fast forward to 2020 and The Bella Brand has developed into a powerhouse that teaches people how to heal and feel better through Art Therapy. Ashley Bella now works on creating innovative ways to fuse art, psychology and technology to solve complex mental health problems in communities worldwide.

In the News

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Ashley will create her second series of original pieces as immersive experiences through the manipulation of interesting 2D and 3D materials that tell stories of growing up in the American south as a black woman who is apart of the last generation to know what the world was like before and after the explosion of technology and the resurgence of black culture and black thought. See more of Ashley’s work, read her artist statement and learn more about the community initiatives she is apart of.