Meet Ashley Bella

Ashley Bella was born and raised on the southside of Atlanta, GA. She found a way to monetize her artistic talent through incorporating a company that she would be able to use to continue funding her own art career. Ashley fused her skills in business and marketing, her experience in mental health and community work, with a unique understanding of the commercialized art industry to create ArtzyBella.

Ashley’s 10 year career in mental health fuels her passion for using creative solutions like therapeutic art to enhance mental health services. In her pursuit towards clinical licensure as a Registered and Licensed Art Therapist, Ashley is currently exploring innovative ways to fuse visual art, psychological research, and technology to solve complex mental health problems in communities worldwide.

Ashley’s story began when she left her 9-5 job so that art was no longer “just a hobby”. Ashley used her last $50 to host a paint party and her first art collector, Jasmine Brown paid her $150 to paint a temporary mural on her bedroom wall. ArtzyBella grew from there with no outside funding. Ashley prides on being a self-funded visual artist that once lived out of her car when she first got started. Her humble beginning aids her commitment to the movement to revolutionize what we know and how we respond to the art industry and creative professions. 

Her mental health and job creation efforts in the community have helped her develop partnerships with schools and government agencies nationwide.

In the News

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Ashley will create her second series of original pieces as immersive experiences through the manipulation of interesting 2D and 3D materials that tell stories of growing up in the American south as a black woman who is apart of the last generation to know what the world was like before and after the explosion of technology and the resurgence of black culture and black thought. See more of Ashley’s work, read her artist statement and learn more about the community initiatives she is apart of.

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