Meet Ashley Bella

Born and raised on the southside of Atlanta, Ashley Bella has returned home, bringing lessons and tools to revitalize her hometown.

As a young girl, Ashley turned to the arts as an outlet and for expression. As she grew, she followed the advice of others and was ushered toward traditional and technical trainings instead of a creative path.  She earned a master’s degree in developmental psychology while providing behavioral support services and continued on to provide social work services for various nonprofits. 

While working for local nonprofit ministries, who provided services and resources homeless individuals, addicted populations, and survivors of exploitation, Ashley began organizing art activities for some of the programs’ participants. Residents shared that they found the art was therapeutic and an easier way to begin the mental health conversation.

Ashley founded Artzybella to give people an outlet to express themselves creatively.

Starting in her studio in the heart of East Point, Ashley continues to expand her reach to deliver fun and creative personal wellness experiences through ArtzyBella’s new subscription box, now available for shipping nationwide.

In the News

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Ashley will create her second series of original pieces as immersive experiences through the manipulation of interesting 2D and 3D materials that tell stories of growing up in the American south as a black woman who is apart of the last generation to know what the world was like before and after the explosion of technology and the resurgence of black culture and black thought. See more of Ashley’s work, read her artist statement and learn more about the community initiatives she is apart of.