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Meet Ashley Daramola

Hello there!

Writing in 3rd person is weird...super weird. Let's have a little conversation instead.

So I was born on Washington Road in East Point/College Park. It was a pretty rough place so my mom worked hard to move us somewhere a little quieter. I grew up in the Ben Hill and Sandtown communities.

After high school I wanted to be an artist and an entrepreneur. In college and my early twenties, owning a business and being an artist were the worst career paths you could share with an adult. Not having any clue what to do after giving up my dreams was to help others.

I was a Social Worker and Mental Health Professional for about six years before realizing I felt so incomplete without art. In September 2016, I quit my job and started ArtzyBella Studio + Shop. I had finally found the courage and confidence to jump off a cliff and trust that I'd land in a better position. together with a team of loyal supporters and clients I am building a company in my home town. It's a dream come true!
I learned from my time as a creative in college, that I enjoy being behind the scenes more. I love the creative choices I get to make, adding visual flare to a body of work in both Music and Film, its like putting the right flavored icing on an already well made cake.

In 2017, I got back into the Entertainment world as a freelance Art Director for Indie music artists. I also teamed back up with expose productions to take on art direction and producing for the production company I helped start back in high school. Having worked in corporate America in Business and Marketing as well as in local nonprofits, serving as a Social Worker and Mentor for Survivors of Sex Trafficking, I get to fuse my professional experience, knowledge of human behavior, and creative approach to problem solving.

My long term goal is to scale and expand artzybella while creating tons of my own personal non commissioned work for art exhibitions worldwide.

Owner & Lead Artist of ArtzyBella, Ashley Nicole

Check out Ashley’s feature in Voyage ATL magazine! Click here to read her interview now. Scroll down to see Ashley’s artwork.

Artist Statement

Leaving a legacy for the world is the most important thing to me. My work should create an immortalized glimpse of my experience in the world I live in. My work is my obligation to be a visual recorder of history. My work seeks to establish the same type of visual language found in all old civilizations motifs, paintings, and writing. I want people hundreds and thousands of years from now, to examine the detailed patterns, vibrant colors, and conflicting styles in my pieces, and experience what its like to be in my mind, my community, my cultures, at this time; as a millennial, an American, a person of color, a woman, a Christian, and as an artist.

My use of natural materials in my mixed media pieces like handmade paper, authentic wax and wood, shows my appreciation for the nature that adds balance to the destruction we create in the world. Through connecting with natural materials, I am pulling inspiration the very Earth that birthed us. Repurposing found objects reflects the way I view God’s design and redesign of me as I evolve. I desire for my work to be honest, intrusive, complex, and simultaneously simple and obvious. Abstract shapes and vibrant color trigger the emotional response I believe is necessary for me to help people of color truly imagine a world far greater than this one. Hopefully, it inspires them to create that utopia for themselves in the real world.

My long term goal is to be an international commissioned artist making wall murals, public and street art, large scale paintings on canvas, art installations, and sculpture for clients and for exhibitions. Eventually, art collectors and clients will want me to paint whatever I feel inspired to paint, because something in the work they have seen me exhibit elsewhere, spoke to them in some way.

Associated Styles: Street Art, American Motif, African Futurism, Hyper-realism
Preferred Mediums/Materials: Oil paint on canvas, acrylic paint on public surfaces and walls, paper and wax art installations, found objects like metals and woods for modern functional art and sculpture, porcelain clay for one of a kind pottery.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][edgtf_portfolio_list type=”masonry” hover_type=”zoom-out-simple” show_more=”infinite_scroll” order_by=”date” order=”ASC” filter=”no” category=”ashleynicole”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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