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Reserving a Date

To book a date on our calendar, we require you to pay a $50 non-refundable booking fee to reserve your date and time and to insure your event is private and non interrupted.

A unique landing page will be created for your guests. They are required to purchased tickets seven days before your party. We are not responsible for accommodating guests who do not adhere.


If you are paying for all of your guests, your booking fee will be waived but you will be required to pay a 50% deposit to reserve your date.

The remaining balance is due 72 hours before your party. If the remaining balance is not paid within 72 hours, your party may be cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded.

If you decide to add additional guests, the remaining balance is due the day the additional guests are added which must be 5 days before your scheduled party.

You are free to add additional guests up to five days before your event date. Please note that because we purchase supplies for the number of guests you gave us when you made your reservation, we do not refund any fees for no-shows. Any supplies reserved for no-shows will be given to you to keep.

We cannot guarantee having additional supplies for anyone that shows up the day. In the event that someone does, and we do have extra supplies handy, those individuals would be charged at the regular $30/pp rate, which must be paid via cash, sent via Cashapp ($artzybella), or sent via Paypal ( prior to them joining in the party.

Date Changes
You may change the date for your party, to a date in the future, up to 15 business days before. Moving the original date to a date that is sooner, will be honored on a case by case basis and a service fee may be assessed.

You may cancel your party for a full refund of your deposit up to 30 days before your party. You may cancel your party for a 50% refund of your initial deposit up to 15 days before your party. You may cancel your party for a 75% refund of your initial deposit up to 7 days before your party. No refunds on cancellations done within 6 days of your event date.

Schedule / Overtime
Your party supplies and art materials will be set up before your guests arrive at our studio. We will allow you to arrive one hour before to set up any refreshments and drinks you have prepared for your guests. The art instruction will start promptly at the time that was scheduled and booked, and end promptly, two hours from the start time.

It is your responsibility to ensure your guests arrive on time. We suggest having your guests arrive at least 30 minutes to an hour before the start time so that they are present when the class starts, and so that they have a chance to grab food and drinks prior to painting.

Your party will start promptly at the time scheduled and conclude exactly two hours after. There will be small 5-10 minute breaks during the party. If your party starts late due to the fault of the studio, the additional time will be added to the end time free of charge. If you would like to extend the time of your party, you are free to for an additional charge of $25 for every additional 15 minutes.

Adding additional time is at the discretion of your art instructor as he or she may have additional scheduled parties or other prior obligations after your event concludes.

Once your party ends, you and your guests will have a 30 minute grace period to clean and pack up any items brought to the studio

The artwork you choose to paint comes prepared with the paint colors and/or craft materials that will be used to create it. No additional paint colors, craft materials, or variations are required by the artist to be supplied to the client and the client’s guests to use during the party. If the artist has additional materials, he or she is free to use them for the party at his or her discretion.

Outside Food
You are welcome to bring in your own catering and refreshments but it must be prepared as we do not have a kitchen. Your caterer must have liability insurance otherwise you will be required to sign our waiver removing us from any responsibility related to the food or drinks you serve your guests.

Clean Up
A refundable deposit of $35 is charged when parties are booked in the studio for clean up fees. The studio must be cleaned to the original state you found it, otherwise, this fee will not be refunded.

A walk-through checklist is done between the client and the studio owner or manager to verify the condition of the studio prior to use. Any repair costs incurred from damages caused to the studio during your use including but not limited to floor stains, structural damages, sink and toilet, plumbing, will be charged to the client.

The City of East Point requires all commercial businesses to obtain a full alcohol license or a special events permit for any time alcohol is present inside of a commercial space within their city limits.

Because our studio does not have a liquor license, you will be required to obtain a permit for the day of your event. The cost is $150 and must be paid three weeks in advance.

The maximum capacity our studio can hold, based on the City of East Point requirements is 30 people seated and 50 people standing. Any additional guests outside of these limits will be asked to leave. I understand and agree to the terms