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Art is a very powerful therapeutic tool for children and adults. It is an evidence-based practice that utilizes artistic mediums and art techniques to compliment and innovate traditional therapy modalities. Even without Art Therapy licenses, there is a vast amount of activities and workshops that can be done to reinforce art’s therapeutic themes.
As such, ArtzyBella offers the following services that equips clients of all ages with the tools and methods needed to creatively express feelings, learn coping skills through art making, and use art to learn and practice relaxation.
We do not do the actual therapeutic work for the mental illness or trauma that the child or adult may be experiencing. We reserve that for the licensed professionals working with the client.
Because our services are for children and adults of all ages, we tailor each course or activity appropriate to the client’s developmental/mental age. Some of our activities and courses are available in the form of electronic instructions, workbooks, and video. Others require physical presence in our art studio in downtown East Point, GA.


These activities are great for helping to express thoughts, emotions, and memories when words are not enough.
– Visual Storytelling: Learning how to tell a story or express a thought visually through painting, drawing, and mixed media.
– Visual Ideas: Learning how to use art to express an idea or a thought when words just aren’t enough.


These activities are great for promoting relaxation and stress relief
Clay-making: (Hand-building and pottery on the wheel)
Textured Art: (Using sand, wood, nature, plaster, wax, and found objects)
Abstract Art: (Using watercolor and acrylics)

Coping Skills

This course focuses on the artistic process and using it to re-direct unhealthy thoughts and behavioral habits.

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