Paid Gigs

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Event Activations
These are events where I partner with a large brand and Im usually doing a live mural, interactive paint by numbers mural, sip and paint, or just promoting ArtzyBella.

Work will be completed in sections and phases. Each artist assistant is paid by each section or phase he/she completed. We no longer pay hourly for this work.
The artist assistant position is open to artists who are not on our team but who have worked under me or who can exhibit skills through a portfolio, which you must submit with this form to be considered)

This job just requires you to help any artists completing any sections that need to be completed on a ladder, scaffold, or lift, stay safe by being an extra pair of eyes, holding the ladder, bringing them materials they need and possibly going to run errands for food or the hardware store.

positions is just to come and hang out and make sure no artist is ever working or sitting alone. You will help keep an eye out around the job site, and play good music...don't sign up if your playlists are trash.

Some of the dates may change based on new things that get added to the calendar. The times reflect when I would probably be on site and we can schedule you to come flexibly within those time frames. Save this form in your preferred browser and refresh for updates on new opportunities as they come in. Some details may change

Bacardi / One Music Fest

October 8: 12pm - 7pm
October 9: 12pm - 7pm

The Corner Grille 2134 Marietta Blvd

September 20 - September 23 (Date may change) (7am - 1pm)(6pm - 8pm)

Adair Court 786 Murphy Ave East Point Mural

September 25 - October 15 (Date may change) (7am - 3pm)

Burdett Park Mural

October 1st - October 31st (Date Confirmed) (7am - 4pm)

MARTA - West End Station Barricades

October 1st - November 20th (Date may change)
This is a HUGE partnership and project that I would like all hands on deck for. The rates may be more than what you see here. I am still in negotiation phase with them on budget.

Marriott Hotel Break Room

October 26th - Nov 4th (Date Confirmed)

National Black Arts Foundation - Student Art Exhibition Program

January 1 - March 30 2023
We partner with NBAF to provide mentorship and program direction for high school students. We worked with Maynard Jackson High School last year and are returning to work with their students again this year. After this school year, we have the option to expand the program into additional schools. We will be requesting an exclusivity contract to provide this to every high school in Atlanta. We will go into the school one or twice a week starting in January