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What's a Handcrafted Install?

Our team of professional artists, led by artist and founder, Ashley Bella, design and install custom handcrafted art installations for individuals and businesses who need the energy, and visual stimulation that only art can give when added to an empty or bland space. 

Our Rates:

We're a design studio in South Atlanta

“We’re proud to have a presence in our old neighborhood. To be able to open a business in the community where I was raised, right before redevelopment and gentrification rise, is a blessing. We hope to impact a neighborhood I once called home.”

– Ashley Bella

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We have been making custom wall murals since 2016 for both residential and commercial clients all over Atlanta and the surrounding area.

Why You Should Choose Us:

Creative Placemaking

Art drives economic development by offering unforgettable immersive visuals that attract people who want to live in communities that use visual art to add to the shape of its culture.

Mental Health Focus

We can install art that is purposeful: our artists create original designs that can double as a visually stimulation landmark and a unique way to erect a visual marketing campaign. 

Quality + Speed

We’ve been making mural art since 2016 for both residential and commercial clients all over Atlanta and Georgia. We now have a team of artists who can install beautiful art in your space.

Skilled 3D Artists

Having an event? Building a film or theater set? We have 3D artists who work with wood, plaster, and metal to build some of Atlanta’s most beautiful sculptural works. 

A Note to Our Visitors

Respect for the Art Community

The art industry is a complex one. Many artists around the world make art that expresses their feelings on issues that matter to them, to tell unique stories, and to manipulate materials in a way that sends a message. These artists typically rely on the support of dealers, galleries, and exhibition opportunities.

As commercial artists, we design projects for clients, that our clients keep. We believe in a rigorous design process and use of quality materials and techniques in our work. 

We do this to honor our commitment to keeping authenticity and integrity into the art that is designed and made by our artists. It is our duty to insure our work is meaningful, thoughtful, and honestly provocative as possible. 

No Artists should be "starving". Creating is getting a "Real Job"

An artist’s journey to creating a profitable career as a professional artist is complicated. We offer the artists that work with us the flexibility to continue to their pursuits of becoming exhibiting artists with powerful bodies of work. We are currently recruiting high school seniors and college freshmen. ArtzyBella offers these artists an additional source of income and opportunity to discover their artist identities, preferred mediums, voice, and basic principals around the “business of art”. Creatives, like any other professional, should be able to build a career and sustain a reasonable living simultaneously.