Welcome to the ArtzyBella Studio + Shop. If you’ve never purchased original art or commissioned art, it can be confusing. We will walk you through it now.

The inquiry process will tell us all if we’re a good fit for your art project. We are committed to only committing to projects we believe we can execute with excellence. Please read on.


Consultations are done in person and cost you $30. Don’t fret, this $30 is nonrefundable, but it is applied to your initial deposit. It just helps us commit to each other a little more. Your consultation is a very important step, not just so that we can meet you, but so that we can make an accurate estimate on the size and amount of detail in your project. Consultation fees are payable via Cashapp ($artzybella) and Paypal (

Estimate  + Proposal

After your consultation, we will email you a detailed estimate and proposal, designed specifically for YOUR project, including concept images, a detailed estimate, and next steps.

Getting on Our Calendar

Once you officially accept the proposal, you’ll receive an invoice for 1/3 of the estimate. Paying this initial portion books and schedules the job. The second invoice comes once you approve the detailed sketches and design mock-ups we begin creating. (Invoice 1/3)

Scheduling Your Installation

Someone from our studio will contact you to confirm the details for coming to the job site.

Contract + Agreement

You will be emailed our commissioned art contract that outlines in detail costs, the schedule, design mock-ups, and other important terms. Getting things in writing is a good thing, it keeps everyone safe. (Invoice 2/3)

Official Start Date

By this day, both our artist and you (our new client) have mapped out an organized plan for the completion of your new art. Once your artwork is 50% installed, you are invited to view our progress and make suggestions for minor modifications. 

Design Revisions

Your project includes one complimentary opportunity for revisions but the changes must be minor (as defined in your contract) You are welcome to make more modifications outside of what was agreed in the contract for an additional fee. While commissioned art is for the client, the way the client wants it, we limit modifications to protect the creative control of the artist to some degree. (Invoice 3/3)

Final Invoice

Your third and final invoice is due once the installation is almost complete. This invoice will include any fees or charges that were added after the first and second invoice were paid.

For projects completed within one to two days, you will receive two invoices one prior to your start date and your final invoice will be given to you on paper in person. You are required to submit the final payment for one to two-day jobs on the day the job is complete.

Finishing Up

Once the artist has received their final payment and has completed the work, the artist will take care of mistakes in the work and clean the project area. It’s important to use that we deliver a clean, polished, professional product to you. If you have additional changes or additions, they will need to be rescheduled using the same process (from the beginning). We often have projects that start one after the other. 


The process kind of over, but kind of not! We want to check-in on the work (and you) in about a month, then at the three and six-month marks to see if the art is in need of any additional attention.