"Birds on a Wire"

(See tips to help you set up your creative space for the activity below)

Countdown to Party!

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Meeting ID: 841 5095 3639

Supplies in Your Kit

  • Self-standing canvas
  • Apron
  • Cup for water (to keep brushes clean)
  • Six assorted paint colors
  • Glitter
  • Set of three paint brushes
  • Two plates for mixing and applying colors
  • Removable Vinyl ArtzyBella sticker (perfect for laptops and phones)
Some tips before you start:
  • Lay a plastic disposable tablecloth, old sheet, or newspaper on the surface where you’ll be painting.
  • Create a painting area that will also help you to set up all your supplies in a way thats comfortable for you before the party starts. 
  • Fill your plastic water cup half way full with water (for cleaning brushes). 
  • When the party starts, take one of your brushes and use it to transfer a dime sized amount of each paint color to one of the plates in your kit. We provided two plates so that you have an extra one for mixing colors. 
  • Test out your camera, microphone, and internet connection before the party to make sure you can troubleshoot any issues beforehand.
  • The biggest value is in the opportunity to connect with others, safely, doing something creative. It’s also in the process of engaging in an activity that can give you a healthy distraction. 
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience. . 
Questions: For questions, please call (404) 740-0964