Mask Instructions

Use the paints to decorate the mask. 

Then, tie the two strings on the mask so you can wear it on your face (optional)

Paper bead

Use a pencil or pen to write an affirmation word on the back of your piece of fabric.

Place the large end of the fabric on the wooden stick (do not use glue yet)

Use your thumb to hold the fabric in place and wrap it around the wooden rod until you are left with the tiny end of the fabric. Using one finger to hold the tip of the fabric in place so it doesnt unravel, use the Q-tip to apply glue to the entire rolled fabric securing it in place.

Be careful not to get glue on the two end of the fabric. Otherwise, as the glue dries, you won’t be able to slide the rolled fabric off of the wooden stick.

Give the glue about 5 -7 minutes to dry. Once it dries slowly and delicately slide it off of the wooden stick. It should look like a bead! String the bead on the twine string and secure it on your neck with a knot to form a necklace.