By participating in our parties, workshops, classes, and events, or by submitting artwork, photos, or other digital or physical media files, including audio and video recordings, you agree to the following:

You authorize ArtzyBella to use your digital likeness, voice, video recording, or submitted artwork, photos, text, and other materials (the “Materials”) for any purpose, including promotional, marketing, commercial publication, or in future products or projects at our discretion;

You understand use of the Materials will not entitle you to any compensation, royalty, or commission;

You waive your copyright to all of the Materials;

You will hold ArtzyBella harmless for their use of the Materials, and understand that you responsible for redacting any personally identifiable information or breaches of your personal privacy before submission;

You understand that as the PARENT and/or LEGAL GUARDIAN of a minor under the age of 18 years old who attends any of our parties, workshops, classes, or events, do hereby authorize ArtzyBella to film, videotape and/or photograph your child for the purposes of public relations for ArtzyBella, promotion of ArtzyBella, and fundraising for ArtzyBella.

You understand that the images taken of your child may be distributed to media sources, including but not limited to, television stations, newspaper publishers, and magazine publishers and that your child’s image may be broadcast and/or published by those entities.

You understand that the images taken of your child will be used to promote ArtzyBella.

You hereby release ArtzyBella from any and all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatsoever kind and nature, arising from, and by reason of the filming, videotaping and/or photographing of my child and the distribution of any such images as stated above.