Our Story

ArtzyBella makes, sells, and teaches art to create a way for humans to use it as a therapeutic tool. We offer art installations, art classes, and products. The name ArtzyBella came in 2012 as Ashley Bella pondered over names for an art business if she ever mustered the courage to start one. In 2014, Ashley developed a business plan to start as a commissioned art service and evolve the company over time.

“Back in 2016, We began with $50, bought art supplies, made a mural and hosted a paint party and the rest was history. We’ve been operating for a little over two years and have created art all over Atlanta and painted with some of Atlanta’s most energetic, creative residents.” says Ashley.

There is still a larger part of the population that does not actively participate in mental health services. Many people do not have the money to afford it, the insurance to cover it, or the comfort and trust to talk to a stranger. Those individuals often turn to things like yoga, music, food, exercise, or even drugs and alcohol. ArtzyBella’s new products and services are inspired by Ashley Bella’s work as a social worker, behavior specialist, and psychologist.

ArtzyBella is a socially responsible art studio creating jobs for aspiring both creatives professionals and community-based artists. We offer commissioned art services and art classes+parties, and art-based products.