Our Story

ArtzyBella began with a hand-painted ornament. During the holidays, founder, Ashley Nicole would hand-paint beautiful glass ornaments and sell them at holiday event around Atlanta. Once Christmas, a friend asked her to hand-paint a mug and another friend asked her to paint a mural of any kind on her bedroom wall. Within hours of posting finished images online, over 30 orders for custom art or hand-painted drinkware flooded Ashley’s social media accounts.


Ashley saw the traction being made as an indicator that it was time to make ArtzyBella a legitimate company. At the time, Ashley was working full-time as a mental health professional, finishing a master’s in psychology, and doing personal research on growing technology world and the introduction of “art” to stem (steam).


When Ashley’ quit her job as a social worker for sex trafficking survivors, she gave up everything to start her company. She felt she could make a bigger impact and have more influence in a community she loved dearly with more capital. ArtzyBella was launched full-time, with Ashley’s last $50. Within 18 months, that $50 turned into $45k through several existing services including private Sip + Paint parties, wall mural making, custom canvas art, and customized apparel and drinkware.


Our focus has been to spread the awareness of our brand and services, build a solid portfolio of commissioned artwork with an impressive list of clientele, and host as many private sip and paint parties as possible. Our first art studio was located in a 500 sqft loft style studio in historic west end a Westview studios inside an old church. Our studio gave us a way to start interacting with our customers in person and on social media.

We are reaching both the artist and the art enthusiast. We have a large variety of classes, workshops, signature events, and party options for children and adults of all ages and genders. We are on a mission to show even the most doubtful customer, the creativity that lies within them.


Our commitment to the community is the life force being our motivation to grow. ArtzyBella offers several social programs not only give back but to help push the culture forward through art including apprenticeship for young artists, art-infused stem projects for educators from K-12, and creative trade learning workshops for sex trafficking survivors. 

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