February – American Heart Month (heart shape with various words that promote better health or images of healthy things) 

This event would be a great time to feature a music artist or a curated playlist from one or all of your on air personalities that people can simply add from Apple Music or Spotify.

March – National Craft Month! We will be stepping outside of painting on canvas and digging into craft-making! We are going to do several virtual classes that include string and sewing work, making table coasters with resin, and making vases with homemade clay.

Some of the themes we will explore surrounding charitable causes being celebrated are:

  • Optimism Month
  • Women’s History Month

April – Stress Awareness Month and Easter. We will have a virtual experience celebrating the East holiday and will be making beautiful ornate ceramic Easter Eggs. We will also do a painting on canvas experience focused on reducing stress.

May – Its Creative Beginnings Month! We will do a virtual experience using gardening! We will create beautiful planters using mason jars, inspired by something that must be nurtured and fed: your creativity. 

Its also National Mental Health Month so we will offer a virtual excited mandala art project

June – Its summertime and we’re creating scenic paintings with watercolor! We’re doing weekly painting classes celebrating summertime and getting outside including paintings of lemons and lemonade, watermelon, sitting poolside, and ocean scapes.

National Family Month

Men create too! We’ll do a virtual experience for men making wood crafts and sports themed paintings.

July – 

Its Family Reunion Month and 4th of July! We want to target families who had reunions planned but that need a safe, online way to still get together and connect.

August –

Happiness Happens Month – We’re going to launch the official public version of our app to help celebrate and encourage happiness

September – 

Its Self Care Awareness Month. Our focus on wellness and mental health makes this the perfect opportunity to have an event that features activities our customers can learn to make with our classes. We can create bath bombs, aromatherapy candles, or even soaps. We can feature a mindfulness expert to do some meditation with the group before we start.

October –

We will make super cool posh geometric animal masks that people will actually be able to wear, wherever they go for Halloween. See some examples here:

We will host a pumpkin carving experience. We will provide each guest with with stencils and materials to trace and carve and decorate pumpkins with a cool design. This would be a great experience to offer live music from a music recording artist

November –

Be Thankful (make gratitude glass jars). This would be a great event to feature local chefs who offer thanksgiving meals. People could potentially order plates from these chefs and it will help to promote their catering services.