Vision Boards


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They will get credit for bringing you to us.


The ArtzyBella team is turning the traditional the vision board experience up a notch. We aren’t just doing poster boards and magazine cut outs that you’ll end up throwing away or stuffing in a closet. Your activity kit will also include beautiful art materials and themed stencils curated by our CEO Ashley Bella and our Studio Director, Rashad Muse.

Turn your vision board a decorative piece of art with a luxury feel perfect for your room or office. We’ll provide some prompts and step by step guide if needed. For creators who like to work on their own, choose your work space inside the studio, enjoy the complimentary drinks and music vibes.

Ashley Bella will be offering free 10 minute branding and start up business coaching to each attendee if desired. Food available for separate purchase through our preferred vendors (black owned catering companies and chefs)