When Ashley Nicole started ArtzyBella, she had just left an 8 year career in mental health work with children, families, and survivors of exploitation, affecting women and girls all around the U.S. ArtzyBella believes we all have a right to free enterprise and an obligation to give it back to those in need, using resources gained from hard work and good business strategy to leave the world a little better than the way we found it.


Ashley Nicole knew all too well, that people who service the public as social workers, mental health professionals, educators, police officers, fire fighters, military and more, are often underpaid and overworked in the state of Georgia. ArtzyBella offers all of its services with a 10% discount, to any Georgia public service worker or agency that can provide proof of their credentials.


ArtzyBella’s Teacher’s Aide Program was inspired by Ashley Bella’s upbringing, attending schools that did not have the best access to create arts resources or supplies. Ashley worked with kids throughout her career in Social Services and saw first hands time when using art for trauma processing, creative critical thinking, and innovative approaches to learning leaves children healthier, more eager, and more successfully academically overall


Ashley worked directly with survivors of sex trafficking for five years and in that time found that one of the biggest risk factors for women and minors is economic hardship. ArtzyBella supports the movement to end sex-trafficking by empowering survivors pursue entrepreneurship, starting art shops and lucrative side-jobs, selling artistic items they were taught to make.


ArtzyBella’s parties, classes, and events provide an opportunity for infusing simple therapeutic art tools into the projects and art supplies, helping people to express themselves and/or process difficult emotions in a positive, safe, and healthy way. Occasionally, specialized coursed geared towards Ashley Bella’s art therapy doctoral research, will be offered at a discounted rate.