Virtual Wellness Experiences

Experience the stress-relieving power of creating.

How it Works:

We’ve taken our popular paint paint concept and the feedback from our customers to bring you artmaking as therapy! Now you can book a private virtual paint party for your teams, colleagues, or loved ones. We will ship paint kits to each guest anywhere in the United States. 

1. Tell us your wellness goals

On our new platform, after you register (takes about 2 minutes) you’ll get started by taking our quiz. This helps us learn more about how we can help you use the wellness experiences created exclusively on our new app.

2. Get us the details!

You’ll let us know the details for your event. If you are looking for an in-person event, click here. We need the date, time, number of people, so we can confirm the availability of our staff. 

3. Decide what you create.

All of the designs we use are originally created by our instructors based on the results of your quiz. You’ll get to share your ideas with us before we create it. At times, we can optionally, pre-sketch the design on the canvases. 

4. Shipping supply kits

Get the supplies for your party sent straight to your door!

Good news: We ship nationwide!

Please note that USPS reports on its website that due to the pandemic, some shipments may receive delays. 

All parties requiring shipping must be booked 14 business days in advance to ensure that kits ship on time.

5. Pricing



(professional quality materials, tools, and embellishments)



(premium materials, tools, and embellishments)

Looking for our traditional Sip + Paint Parties?


(professional quality materials, tools, and embellishments)


(professional quality materials, tools, and embellishments)

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